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Schmitz Garden Center is your source for irrigation service.

Our Certified Irrigation Specialist ensures conservation while keeping you in compliance with maximized water usage. Well designed and properly installed irrigation and drainage systems keep your landscape looking its best without over or under-watering your lawn and garden.


Irrigation is a vital part of a healthy outdoor environment.

A well maintained irrigation system is an integral part of a luscious outdoor surrounding. Your high efficient water management will deliver the precise amount of water to create a lush, green, and healthy lawn. Our expert irrigation system specialist will create a program for you that is designed to meet the specific irrigation needs of…

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Irrigation Innovations.

Our Irrigation Innovations can help you do more than maintain a healthy and vibrant landscape. Our specialists use industry experience and expertise to service all your irrigation needs. We will create an efficient system that will save you time and money. Our irrigation technician will check local codes, watering day restrictions, performance standards and other…